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Featured Dame: von ThunderBoldt

von thunderboldt

Why did you get involved with roller derby and how long have you been playing for?

I skated a lot as a kid, so when I found out about the CoMo Derby Dames several years ago I was equal parts interested and intimidated.  I never worked up the nerve to pursue derby until March of 2012 when a friend asked if I would go to a beginner practice with her.  I showed up with my mouthguard and $5 and never looked back.

Who is your derby crush and what do you find so entrancing about them?

There isn’t really just one person I look up to.  I feel like everyone I skate with has different strong points, each being derby crush worthy.

What gear do you swear by?

Oh man I love my Radar Bullets!  Having the right set of wheels can make all the difference in the world.

How did you get your derby name?

My derby name actually originated from a Halloween costume I made several years ago.  A group of friends decided to go with a superhero theme, but by the time I started working on my costume everyone had already chosen the only superheroes I could think of.  I made up my own instead.  Since my last name is Boldt, I became Dr. von Thunderboldt (superpower unknown).

Do you have a pre-bout ritual or good luck charm?

I like to give my teammates lots of high fives and chest bumps.  If nothing else, it helps to keep the nerves at bay.

What is your alter ego, when you are not on the flat track?

When I’m not on the track, I’m working at the Museum of Anthropology and taking care of the American Archaeology Division’s archaeological collections.  If I’m not at work or at practice, I’m usually out canoeing one of Missouri’s beautiful rivers or riding my bike on the Katy Trail.

Derby DOB:  My first bout was November 10, 2012.

Position on the team: Jammer

CoMo Derby Dames All Stars vs Confluence Crush

The CoMo Derby Dames All Stars will be facing off against Confluence Crush on June 7th at Sk8 Zone. Doors open at 4:30 and the bout starts at 5:00. You can purchase tickets for $8.00 by clicking here or for $10.00 at the door. Join us for the after party at SoCo Club in Columbia.

Confluence Crush June 7 2014_for web

CoMo Derby Dames Join Forces with Relay for Life


Relay for Life May 30th

6:00PM- 6:00AM

Come out for a good time and support a great cause. Join the CoMo Derby Dames at the Columbia Mall for this year’s Relay for Life and help raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer.

  • Spin our Wheel of Destruction and win awesome prizes
  • Buy a cupcake from the Dames, all donations go towards our team goal
  • Silent auction
  • Photo booth and bounce house for the kids
  • Local food trucks, profits go to American Cancer Society
  • Purchase a Luminary for a friend or family member

You can also help from home by donating towards our team goal online by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone who has already donated, your generosity is much appreciated.



Home Teams Showdown: Game 2

The Brass Knuckle Betties and the Astronaughties will be facing off for the second time this season. Come show your support and wear red for the Betties or purple for the Naughties.

Home Teams May 17, 2014


Featured Dame: L on Wheels #1969

L on Wheels


Why did you get involved in roller derby?

I saw the movie “Whip It” years ago and it made roller derby look fun and tough at the same time. I remember thinking about how it would be great to participate in the sport but I didn’t pursue it. Then in December of ’12 my server, who turned out to be “Plain White Tease”, told me about the CoMo Derby Dames. Two weeks later I went to my first practice and I have been hooked since then. It is so much fun and a huge challenge for me so that keeps me going back for more. I can’t wait to be a force on the track one day.

Who is your derby crush and what do you find so entrancing about them?

Suzy Hotrod, who plays for Gotham, is pretty awesome. She is everything that I hope to be.  She is beautiful, tough on the track, smart, and she seems very nice. I took a class from her at Rollercon, the international roller derby conference in Las Vegas and she is a great teacher as well.

What gear do you swear by?

Since I am a dental hygienist then of course I swear by my protective mouth guard. My teeth are very important to me.

How did you get your derby name?

My husband thought of my derby name “L on Wheels”. It turns out that years ago when I turned 16 my dad had said I would be hell on wheels, he was referring to my driving but it is super appropriate for derby. Give me more time to improve and one day I really will be hell on wheels on the track

Do you have a pre-bout ritual or good luck charm?

Not yet, maybe that is my problem HA, HA. I mainly try to eat healthy the days before the bout and get plenty of sleep. I hope to find an outlet for my pre-bout nerves. You can never go wrong with drinking plenty of water the day of the bout which helps with the after party hangover the next day as well.

What is your alter ego when you are not on the flat track?

I’m a home nerd. I love planting, playing in the dirt, composting, cleaning and most home projects. Especially when I get to use my reciprocal saw, power drill, and jig saw.

Derby DOB: My first beginners practice was 1/7/13 and my first bout was 7/13/13.

Position: Blocker

Home Team: Astronaughties

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