Meet our new mascot, Ollie

This handsome roller derby fan is hoping we can help him find a family that loves taking walks and snuggling.

Ollie is a loveable, goofy pup. He is super affectionate with people and other dogs (although he plays too rough for little dogs). A house without cats, small cat-sized dogs, or chickens would be best for Ollie. He is house-trained, does well when allowed the run of a house, and is very responsive to corrections. He weighs about 70 lbs although he considers himself to be a lapdog. His energy level is moderate however, he is up for a good romp or walk outside at any time. He does not have much regard for personal space – your space is his space too! Ollie is an easy-going, happy dog who will make a great companion!

Find out more about Ollie or fill out an adoption application on the Second Chance website.

Stanley adopted!

Amid the many disappointments of 2020 (namely not being able to play derby and see our beloved fans), we are excited to let everyone know that our rescue mascot Stanley found a loving forever home! We had a lot of fun getting the word out about this sweet kitty. Stay tuned for more from CMRD. We can’t wait to see everyone on the track!