stanley the cat

This wonderfully sweet cat is a big fan of Como Roller Derby because we gave him so much love out at Second Chance the other day, and frankly, that’s all he wants in life. Stanley is a super friendly outgoing one-year-old kitty who gets along well with others. He is currently living with other cats, sharing food, space, and litter boxes without difficulty. He likes to sit in a windowsill and monitor squirrels outside his window, and most of all, he loves to hang out with anyone who will give him love. He is unfazed by dogs or other cats. He likes head scratches and ear rubs, and chasing toys across the floor. (He was pretty excited about the derby wheels we brought him to play with!) He is FIV+, but gets along well with everyone, so he can happily live with other cats. Please share and help us help Stanley find a family to call his own!
Stanley is available for adoption through Second Chance. You can find his bio and fill out an adoption application on the Second Chance website.