In response to the COVID pandemic, CMRD is taking care of its people by keeping them home. Being distanced from our friends and fans is difficult, so we thought we’d send some love letters from US, to YOU! We hope you are staying safe and well.

Friends!! Oh how it’s been too long! Derby has added so much to my life — to have it taken away so suddenly is heart breaking. I miss everything about it! I miss the fans, my teammates who became lifelong friends, the whistles blowing that sometimes will wake me in my sleep, and most of all…..the best way to get aggression out after a long day of work! However, I can live without the penalty box, the gear smell, and 27/5. 

Even though we aren’t practicing, I’m so happy to do my part of keeping CMRD alive by managing 80% (might be generous) of social media posts and messages! My derby time has been temporarily filled with CrossFit and spending time in the gym. I am actually training for my first CrossFit competition in the early part of December (wish me luck!).

Before it got too cold, windy, and full of leaves and sticks, I spent a fair amount of time trail skating with friends with some park skating thrown in to keep my legs from forgetting how to skate. When I’m not skating, going to CrossFit, or spreading the word of roller derby, I spend time with my two dogs doing dog mom things and “enjoying” home ownership.

I miss everyone and everything about roller derby! I’m hoping to see everyone’s smiling faces very soon!

Stay strong,

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