Home Teams

What the heck is a home team? While we’re all CoMo Derby Dames when playing other leagues, every so often we divide the Dames to create the ultimate rivalry: Brass Knuckle Betties versus Astronaughties.

Brass Knuckle Betties

2017 Brass Knuckle Betties

Back Row: Grumpy Skate Princess, Blondie Knocks, Dee Flesher, von Thunderboldt, Neanderdoll, Maimy Fisher, Gramsmackher, Alberta Pooholes. Front row: Lilo & Stitches, Vanna Wipeout, Mesch’er Up


The Astronaughties

2017 Astronaughties

Back Row: Calla Booty, L on Wheels, Oxford Coma, Torminator, Felon Ripley, Apple Sass Front Row: Queen Victorious, Mount Crushmore, Kaiju, Weird Al Shank-A-B*!$@, Dethblök